Pladform up and running

Pladform up and running
19 Apr 2016

In recent years, media solutions offerings have expanded at a rate neither advertisers nor media owners have been able to match with resources. As a result, a number of valuable contents and solutions lie unused, and media owners and sales houses are unable to market them because they lack the required capacity and network. The advertising side cannot process ad hoc offers, as they lack a unified structure, and there are usually not enough time and resources available for their comparison. Therefore, supply and demand do not correspond, or at least not to the extent desirable.

Pladform is a virtual market space where media owners and sales houses can simply and efficiently market their competitive media solutions using a transparent structure. For advertisers, this is a free space they can use to survey current offerings on the advertising market and purchase media solutions even through a single click of the mouse. This online tool is actually an extended sales resource capable of multiplying access to a specific offering within the shortest time possible.

Pladform has a system similar to that of the major search engines, in that it uses free-text search. In other words, advertisers can search for offers regardless of their media types by simply typing in the relevant keywords. A key advantage of Pladform over offers distributed in the traditional way is that advertisers visit the site with the intent to actively search for a solution that best fits their needs.

Registration is required for both sellers and advertisers before they can use the system.

This new, innovative opportunity encourages both media owners and sales houses to think about how it could fit into their current business models. It is clear to all players that the system does not intend, nor is it able, to replace any existing sales formats; instead, it offers a new alternative.

Advertisers can access a broader selection of offerings than ever before, and find individual or bundled solutions until now missing from some communications plans.

The system allows for modern, online marketing of off-line media owners’ advertising space.

“We at Publimont have been very positive about the launch of this innovative online marketing interface and thus were already actively involved in the testing phase. We believe this innovative development has great potential and helps us expand our marketing activities,” said Márta Róna, Sales Director of Publimont.

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