Outdoor Market 2015 – Our Perspective

Outdoor Market 2015 – Our Perspective
10 Feb 2016

Based on the data available, the outdoor market closed the year with mixed results. The reasons are twofold: while commercial revenues clearly increased government orders dropped significantly all over the advertising market, especially in the OOH segment. We must note, though, that 2014 was an election year, which distorts any year-by-year comparison. Generally speaking, the number of surfaces stagnated from 2014 to 2015 (approx. 47,000) while the quantity of posters decreased somewhat. This trend is exclusively due to the factors listed above, i.e. that the base year of 2014 was an election year (election years always generate a lot of business) and government advertisements ran dry. The positive outcome of the mixed result is that sales did not drop as much as one would have expected based on the factors above because increasing commercial revenues were able to make up for much of the loss. In comparison of the surfaces purchased in 2014 and 2015, respectively, expanding sectors included IT, commerce as well as culture and entertainment while those somewhat shrinking included the finance, insurance and service sectors.

It is fair to say that last year was very eventful. Like the Hungarian market in general, the outdoor market was greatly influenced by the following events:

  1. Introduction of the advertising tax
  2. Amendment to the Advertising Act of 2008 (“Bonus Act”)
  3. The National Communication Agency began operations

Government spending began late last year, which we believe is important to the market regardless where these advertisements appear.

In our opinion, advertisers value highly the transparent and stable operation of the key players of the outdoor market as well as the availability of creative and innovative solutions. Based on our experience, clients are increasingly open to custom/creative solutions even in the OOH segment because these types of appearances are what can distinguish them from the great masses. Our goal is to realise ever more such ideas in close cooperation with our partners.

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