Changing outdoor audience measurement

Changing outdoor audience measurement
10 Feb 2016

Effective as of January 2016, OH Monitoring has expanded its long years of excellent professional cooperation with TNS Hoffman in other media segments on the international level to outdoor research. Consequently, the two companies have been conducting outdoor research projects as a consortium.

Ezzel a lépésselThis step results in a number of positive changes greatly simplifying the day-to-day work of those ordering and those using the output of such research activities. The objective with this change was to serve the ever changing market needs in a more modern, accurate and comprehensive manner. These research projects can help compare and contrast the results of the outdoor advertising sector with other media types and quantify the results of multimedia campaigns. Key changes include the following:

  1. New ESOMAR ratings will be identified for more effective target audience identification. Relying on the international experience of TNS Hoffmann, the structures of demographic segmenting variables will be modernised to be in line with research of other media segments. Known as ESOMAR status, the variables serving as the basis for social status rating will, from now on, be recorded in compliance with the latest recommendation of ESOMAR.
  1. The data content of the surface-based campaign planning system has evolved from a network of 44 cities to a national system in terms of the travel habits database (updated twice a year), the table database (monthly updates) and the new contact database.
  1. The OSP software we have used so far cannot manage the new data structure, so from 2016 the OFP (Outdoor Full Power) software is available to users.
  1. One of the most significant changes affecting outdoor campaign impact measurement is that the PosterTest service is now discontinued and replaced by the C-Test software developed by OH Monitoring and also used in Slovakia to carry out complex (multimedia) impact measurements in both countries (due to its browser-based interface, C-Test is available to users with data that is displayed in a different logic than PosterTest, can be edited more freely and is easier to access).

The objectives of the research consortium also include connecting the Target Group Index (TGI) database to the outdoor database. This change will support detailed analysis not only for the outdoor sector but also for the entire media communications industry.

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